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Sales & Marketing (S&M) Strategy
Sales & Marketing Strategy

An updated and thought through Sales & Marketing Strategy is a must for any successful business. It is a very complex accumulation of facts and business decisions that ultimately will lead you to your business goals and entrepreneurial success.


Organisations with detailed Sales & Marketing Strategies in place range in the top ten percentile of their markets. It is there were you want to be!  To create such a strategy the very first time is time consuming and hard work that requires a lot of discipline and endurance. The annual update or adjustments thereafter, however, are comparably simple if the master strategy was established professionally. SIHC can, in collaboration with your teams and according to the organisation’s priorities design your Sales & Marketing Strategy that may allow you to reach the top of your class. The process of collaboration between your sales professionals and SIHC will go hand in hand and without distracting from the daily activities.  

Sales & Marketing Strategy flow @ Swiss International Hospitality Consulting
Rooms vs. F&B share in hotel revenues @ Swiss International Hospitality Consulting
F&B Strategy
Food & Beverage (F&B) Strategy

As good as you must have a Sales & Marketing Strategy to facilitate the achievement of your sales targets, you also must have a Food & Beverage Strategy to support your F&B positioning.


F&B, in contrast to rooms, is very labour intense and often considered a low yield affair and a necessary evil to operate a hotel. Depending on the country and the respective labour costs, this may or may not be true. The truth is that the F&B business is a complex undertaking that requires detailed planning, strong leadership and, equally important, a detailed F&B Strategy. As if food preparation, efficient service and the creation of a welcoming ambiance would not be difficult enough, the F&B business is also exposed to fluctuating demand, constantly changing consumer trends and generally severe competition. A detailed and regularly updated Food & Beverage Strategy will support your desired positioning, enable you to connect the various key processes and greatly optimize your F&B profits. 

SWOT Analysis

Only the most successful enterprises understand how to capitalize on their strengths, how to camouflage their weaknesses, how to take advantage of the various opportunities their markets are providing and how to prepare for and get around future threats.


Only the most successful enterprises have a regularly updated SWOT Analysis of their own establishment and all their competitors. 

It is just a natural human behavior to take capital strong points for granted, to start to ignore or even deny one’s own weaknesses. Engaging SIHC in establishing or updating a SWOT analysis guarantees to take full advantage of the current assets and allows for long-term strategic improvements in the future. It always pays back manifold. 


SWOT Analysis are recommended in the following fields:

  • Hotel Operation

  • Restaurants/Bar/Disco

  • Congress/Banquet/Events

  • SPA/Fitness/Leisure

  • Other Profit Centers (i.e. transportation, communication, business center etc.)

  • Competitive Set

SWOT Analysis Chart @ Swiss International Hospitality Consulting
Performance Analysis
Performance Analysis

The core competency of SIHC is the analysis and consequent improvement of the general performance of a hospitality establishment.


This can be in quality (social media ranking, guest satisfaction, guest return ratio, competitive advantage) or in quantity (increased revenues, higher occupancies & average room rates, high yield business mix, lower costs, payroll savings, improved efficiencies, increased profits…)

Wise men and women live healthy, exercise, visit doctors regularly, preferably for preventive checks, but sometimes simply to cure from unwanted illness that prevents from the standard performance.

The wise hotelier, restaurateur (or generally speaking entrepreneur) fosters his/her establishment, maintains it, re-invests, prepares for the future or a changing competitive environment, but sometimes requires cure from unwanted effects that prevents from a better performance. 

Allow SIHC to be your enterprise doctor that analyses and scrutinises your performance in all aspects. According to the symptoms of underperformance, SIHC not only establishes a list of recommendations, but also actively implements the necessary changes that leads on a fast track to high performance. 

Entrepreneurial health is not only easy to get, but most importantly, it’s very affordable!


For more specific information of recommended types of performance analyses, please review the performance management section.

Hotel Performance Analysis by Swiss International Hospitality Consulting
Competition & Market Analysis by Swiss International Hospitality Consulting
Competiton Market Analysis
Competition/Market Analysis

SIHC’s wide experience in business and resort markets of more than 25 countries will guarantee the most methodical and comprehensive analysis of your market and competition.


This analysis will not only allow you to scrutinize your competitive environment but in the same time offers a set of solutions and a concrete implementation plan to make a lasting impact in your market place. Knowledge is power, knowing how to distance your competitors is priceless!


A Market / Competitor Analysis considers past and current facts.

Market Trend Analysis (MTA)
Market Trend Analysis

Ever wondered where your market will be going, but you have no crystal ball? You do not need one! Market trends - to a large extend - CAN BE PREDICTED as they follow logical patterns, regular cycles, but most importantly they follow natural consumer behavior.


It is due to its complexity that makes a trend analysis most difficult for many. Our combined expertise in so many different markets over the last two decades allows us to better understand how markets will behave and develop in the short and distant future.

A  Market Trend Analysis is based on a Market & Competitor Analysis and adds a third dimension, the possible scenarios in the future. 

Market Trend Analysis by Swiss International Hospitality Consulting
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