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Become a SIHC Associate

Expected Profile


As a SIHC associate you may be assigned to one or several of our mandates that correspond to your experience within your geographical knowledge. Our assignments range from simple advisories to small and medium hospitality businesses up to multi million mixed use development project leadership. It goes without saying, professionalism, dedication and full commitment to our clients is a pre-requisite that we expect from all our associates on all levels. 


Minimum Requirements


  • 10+ years of practical experience in your respective fields of expertise (20+ years for a country director)

  • Experience across several brands and countries

  • Proven analytical, presentation and communication skills

  • Reference from an existing SIHC associate

Why become a SIHC Associate?


  • Explore the fascinating world of hospitality consulting

  • Contribute to intriguing development projects

  • Share your rich experience with owners and operators, investors and developers

  • Be part of a multinational team in a multitude of worldwide consulting assignments

  • Bridge between two assignments with temporary consulting mandates

  • Not ready for retirement or retired, but still full of beans?

Association type
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For payment by credit card or PayPal, add 5.5%!

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