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Sustainable Recruitment

Sustainable Recruitment

Human Resources Excellence starts with sustainable recruitment. It is no secret that bad employees cost a huge amount of money. Money you do not have and simply do not want to be spent on the wrong people.


According to common computation of bad executive hire in the Western world, it amounts very fast above $500’000. It all boils down to the importance of getting the right person hired right the first time. You cannot afford to get it wrong. 


Here is what it needs: Proper hiring procedures, a great HR Manager, great Hiring Manager and/or SIHC.



The enemies of Sustainable Recruitment are:

  • Uncharismatic HR Reputation

  • Time constraints

  • Inflexible pay structure

  • Inappropriate recruitment channels

  • Wrong interview techniques

  • Insignificant assessments

  • Lack of honest references

Finding creative talents@ Swiss International Hospitality Consulting

Sustainable recruitment behaves just like the health of a body. Once this body/your establishment is “infected” by bad employees, it may rapidly spread throughout the company by influencing other employees, resulting in low productivity, unfriendliness or even destructive team behavior. The solution is: Avoid infection!


SIHC sustainable recruitment programs come across like a vaccination: It analyses the current situation of your recruitment process, suggest various improvements, teaches the concerned hiring managers and helps them in the implementation of the new, sustainable recruitment procedures. Get your recruitment up to speed and invest your money only in your good employees!

Team Member Satisfaction

Team Member Satisfaction / Loyalty

Employee Satisfaction by Swiss International Hospitality Consulting

Most hoteliers and restaurateurs recognize their most valuable assets: The Employees!! 


And those who recognize that happy employees are better able to satisfy guests are on the highway of success! It is part of the art of hospitality to keep staff motivated, trained, developed and dedicated to their jobs in order to go beyond the call of duty and deliver a service beyond customers’ expectation. Moreover, increased employee satisfaction saves a lot of money.


SIHC provides you with a tried and tested Team Member Opinion Survey (TMOS) questionnaire that gives you a clear picture of your employees’ opinions, their needs and wants and the missing link to human resource excellence. Alternatively, we customize a questionnaire according to your specific needs or special focus. SIHC is also widely experienced to translate the TMOS results into realistic and effective action plans to enhance employee satisfaction and motivation that transforms in increased productivity and guest satisfaction. 




Team Member Training & Motivation


There are many aspects of team motivation. Although “Pay & Benefits” are frequently mentioned first, it is in fact only one out of many. At SIHC, we strongly believe in a well-balanced basket of motivational stimuli an employer must provide to its employees to get, in return, the maximum performance.


To optimize your (future) employee performance, SIHC will analyze your specific needs and introduce the necessary steps to get a well-trained and motivated winning performance team. It is meant to be an impulse for improved HR practices, but often also used as a regular (i.e. annual) refresher to HR excellence.

Internal & external benefits of team member motivation@ Swiss International Hospitality Consulting

Your benefits of high team member motivation are manifold. The most compelling ones are:

Team member training and motivation @ Swiss International Hospitality Consulting

Interim Hotel Management


Executive Search

Over the past years, SIHC has recognized the strong demand of temporary hotel management. There are many reasons, why this may be necessary.


You may:

  • need more time to find your ideal hotel manager following an unexpected resignation

  • want to use a management transition period to implement new HR elements

  • need temporary assistance during a change of generation

  • be delayed on a development project

  • lack of leadership during a prolonged medical/maternity leave 

  • simply need support during the implementation of major projects


SIHC’s vast international network will be able to provide you with top candidates to take on the temporary management of your fine establishment. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

In addition to interim management, we are also providing permanent solutions for hotel management positions.  All our candidates are referred to us from our network and enjoy the very best experiences and references. Please communicate to us your desired profile or simply browse through our list of available candidates.

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