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A specialist is always an expert

but an expert is not always a specialist. With Iulian and Shmuel our SIHC team has received reinforcement of two truly expert specialists.

As hoteliers, we often grow through the ranks becoming allrounder in the many facets the hotel business is throwing at us. From Accountant to Chef, from Marketeer to Engineer and from Human Recourcer to SalesPro we love to be “a little bit of everything…”

But, what would we do without the true specialists, those guys who have the real answers to the big (and expensive) problems? And if those expert specialists are able to explain and convince us (and with us, I mean all stakeholders from owners, developers, investors to operators) than we have hit the jackpot!

Shmuel Shai is such a senior expert specialist in technical services who just joined SIHC as a freelance associate. He graduated from the world famous Technical University in NC USA. He has more than 25 years of Engineering and Facility Management experience in luxury hotels and mega shopping malls in Israel, Europe and the Caribbean Islands. Having worked for illustrious brands such as Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Dan Hotels and AFI Europe, Shmuel covers all fields of facility management, project management as well as daily and preventive maintenance. Within the specialty of engineering Shmuel has enhanced his expertise in hotel development, pre-opening, brand conversion, quality assurance and of course profit optimisation. To have the real answer to any big problem, that is Shmuel. No surprise his credo reads: “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow”

“Grow” is the keyword for our second specialist expert we like to introduce to our stakeholders. Iulian Sava joined us already a while ago from Grow Hospitality to become our Associate Manager for Romania & Eastern Europe. His speciality is in revenue management and commercial strategy. Moreover, he is recognised as a true expert in business analysis and overall business development. With a passion for improving strategies and the performance of the properties, Iulian managed to achieve constantly a remarkable revenue growth while increasing the market share of all the companies he worked for. Iulian was also working for Marriott in addition to the Radisson Hotel Group. It’s no secret that in today’s world even smaller hotels can’t ignore anymore demand planning and pricing strategies.

Iulian’s specialist knowledge stretches further to streamlined budgeting and forecasting processes, strategic planning and implementation as well as revenue, profit and process optimisation. Aside of all his professional knowledge, I truly admire also Iulian’s positive can-do-attitude. RHG all the way!

Need an expert specialist on your project, development, investment?

Reach out to SIHC and our wealth of experience, proven practices and expert knowledge!

Markus Kraus

Founder SIHC


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