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If not now, when?

Hotel Developers and Landlords

From my recent travels to the USA and South America, I see that traveling is back big time. Airports are packed, and tourist attractions are getting back to 2019 time and better.

It is an excellent indicator for us, the hoteliers and consultants, to see that COVID 19 effect on travel, which has held us back for the last two years, is fading away and the future for the hospitality industry is bright again. People look forward to traveling and once it is possible to travel, they do so intensively both, domestically and internationally.

Of course, not all segments will be back to the same level in 2019 as fast as we want to; it is only a matter of time before the large conventions will be back, business travel will be back. There are indeed segments that recover more slowly than the leisure segments. In addition, we are experiencing that Bleisure traveling (mixing leisure with business travel) is a segment that grows now faster than we experience before COVID 19 as people can work from anywhere.

The hotel opening pipeline is amassing. Hundreds of hotels will be opening in all regions worldwide this year and the coming years.

Opening a hotel successfully is not an easy task. Hotel owners often think new technologies will overcome all the challenges in opening hotels from a labor point of view, a marketing point of view, and more. Technology is critical, while more critical is to have knowledgable people and the right people on the ground with hotel experience. The success of the hotel business is all about people; technology is only a tool to assist people in managing the business better. The hospitality business is about people serving other people. This is not going to change in the years to come.

Hotel developers planning the right hotel within its market and location is the key to success. Could you tell me your hotel's unique story? How do you maximize the hotel space for the best ROI? Achieving those challenges is all about good planning, smart execution and hotel professionals with the experience at your side.

Landlords, before building the hotel, you need to take the right actions - if not now, when? Not doing the right things before the opening will cost you a lot of money during the opening and especially later on.

Hotel developers, taking a professional hotelier to represent you before all stakeholders is the right thing to do.

I was lucky to open two Hilton hotels and one Crowne Plaza as GM. I have been in the hospitality business for more than 30 years; my experience can save you, the hotel landlord, money in opening your hotel and maximizing future income from the hotel facilities.

When working for the hotel owner as a part of the pre-opening task force function, I can act as GM many months before the opening, work on the hotel business plan and assist in recruiting the best GM and the department heads for the hotel opening. My expertise is to train department heads including but not limited to the front desk, housekeeping, and maintenance, to enforce the requirements of hotel standards even if International hotel chains are involved. I shall work closely with the hotel architects and designers to achieve the most profitable customer journey and the best customer experience. Finally, such a task force function does not require the landlord to have an employer-employee relationship because work is taking place on a retainer basis.

Do you have a professional hotelier at your side? If not now, when? After the opening, it is too late.

Let us get on a Zoom call to meet each other and see how we can work together to open your hotel successfully, profitable, and on time.

Respectfully yours,


Ron Yariv - Associate Director

Swiss International Hospitality Consulting


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